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 Unseen Tears

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PostSubject: Unseen Tears   Unseen Tears Icon_minitimeFri Sep 21, 2007 4:37 pm

Unseen Tears

Mother tell me, are this my tears
Cause I am not sure if I am here anymore
So afraid I might be slipping away
I can feel my body as it hits the floor

Pushing my nails deep into my skin
In an attempt to scratch it all out of me
I am stil choking on my own words
Can't swallow it down, Can't set it free

Yes I can feel myself fading
And I need a sign that someone cares
My resistance is growing thin

Sometimes I wish
I could slow down for a while
And this unsettling feeling
It's beating my conscious
As they push nails in my denial

Father tell me, what's your reality
Pushing me under to drown within my grief
I recognise this discomfort inside
Secretly I still long for you to ever leave

Cause I want to tear at the wall, So I can't hide
But its still standing between me and loosing my mind

Sometimes I wish
I could stay here for a while
But this unsettling feeling
It's raping my conscious
As they're bleeding out my denial

I watch those little pieces of me turn into ash
And the ash, while blown away, coloured the sky grey
I felt myself turning numb and then into stone
Or maybe I am not, still don't know what is happening
I am ready to explode, I am ready to come clean
Maybe I'm ready to be without you as I was with you, alone

Sometimes I think
I'm fine, at least for a while
Yet this unsettling feeling
It's choking my conscious
As I'm releasing the ropes on my denial

I'm fighting you over and over again...

I hope you can forgive me for that time
When I put my hand between your legs
And said it was small
Cuz its really not at all
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Unseen Tears
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