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 Great things never last long / A friendship blog

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PostSubject: Great things never last long / A friendship blog   Thu Dec 06, 2007 8:02 am

After several blogs about our crazy weekends and the things we did, hereís one of a more serious notice again. But letís just start at the beginning of a great weekend. On friday we had one of our drinking parties again which was pretty funny yet again. After some serious misbehaving in a bar we went home where one of us (not me) got so drunk she had to hang her head out of the car all the way home in case of puking. At home she went straight to bed where we watched a movie and had some fun drinking and talking about useless things again. For those who where there: The pics will be uploaded into the gallery.
After such a crazy night once again they left early the next day because someone had to move and mostly because everybody felt awfull and tired from the last night. But I had no time to think much about everything what happened although there was something that was still bugging me from the other night. I kissed one of my friends and although we had his girlfriends permission and although it didnít mean anything, I still felt bad about it. I guess thereís always such a downfall when youíre having a great time, but still I wish it handít been like this.

That sunday I had to work, but later that night we would go to a concert of Sonata arctica at the 013 somewhere in Tilburg. So we went, had fun, untill the car broke down that was as you can read in my previous dutch blog. I still felt bad about the thing that happened on friday but luckly my friend took some of that away by convincing me it really wasnít my fault. I sure hope it will stay with that because I really donít want to lose any of their friendships right now, not now it is working out so well between all of us.

So monday came, my head was overflowing with thoughts and than there was this message. My aunt was brought to the hospital after having a stroke and a heart attack all at once. I called my mom who was at work and luckly she was already out of life danger, but it scared the crap out of me. I also found out that some guy found it nessecairy to jump of a building across my grandmothers place, so she had two horrifying moments that day. Again I felt bad but not about friendship this time. For me family has always been the most important thing in my life and this proofs it once again that some things matter more while others, how incignificant they seem can put you in that same place. I honestly have no idea what I feel right now, I think this kind of news havenít gotten to me yet but I know it will soon. I feel guilty for having so much fun while other things keep happening around me. I feel mad for some gossip I heard about me which really made no sense at all but came at a very bad moment in my life. And I feel drained, just empty for no good reason at all.

I guess life just plays tricks like that to see if weíre up to it or something. While having new friends or old ones found back, I feel like losing some of the friends I already had. While having fun there is a downside to it and while being inspired there is always a writersblock waiting or just no time to write it all down. Perhaps thatís just the way life is, with ups and downs but I wonder why they follow up so quickly. I hardly have the time to think about what I am doing and although I burried the past a long time ago, there is always something that will remind me back. Luckly itís not all bad news, there are still some upsides and it are those upsides we will have to fight for to keep life a happy place perhaps. I feel damn lucky although Iím sad at the moment, for finding back a friend that understands me better than anyone, that knows where I came from and has been trough some of the same stuff I have been in the past few years. I feel lucky that my family is already crazy about her while they never like anyone I hang out with otherwise. I feel lucky that I have someone to talk to other than the people I create inside my head and I mean really talk to about anything, even about the things that I hide away for so long now.

Perhaps I really am lucky, a lucky person that is falling apart at the moment for all of the sad things that are happening. Perhaps luck is not found in the things you do or the stories you tell, but in the people you are close with, the people you love and the ones that make you feel safe. Perhaps I am just lucky, for having such people around me.
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Great things never last long / A friendship blog
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