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 The meaning of life

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PostSubject: The meaning of life   The meaning of life Icon_minitimeThu Dec 06, 2007 8:03 am

Itís a rare occasion, life. It happens to all of us or otherwise we wouldnít be here at this moment, yet it stays one of the greatest mysteries in life. There are scientists, philosophers and poets that have devoted their lives to find out the meaning of it all. I myself feel no need to join their quest. For some of us life is just what it is, and if that isnít just bad enough we can always make things worse. Not only can life be a marvellous place of events. It can also be a prison, a bad dream or a feeling that youíre not suppose to be here. I have to admit that I can relate to every piece, every feeling that life has in mind for us. As so many people I have also known the grieve, the pain, the hope and the glory. I have felt the feelings of being in love, I have lost people I cared for and had my heart broken at several occasions. As so many people have felt these feelings before, I am just one of them, one of you. I also happen to be a dreamer. I believe every life has something unique that nobody else has. I often wish that there are more people like me out there and that I can talk to them and find those few that can actually understand me. But although I believe there are people out there that perhaps are able to share my thoughts, they will probably never be like me. And perhaps thatís just for the best. What Iím about to tell you people is something that I think that makes my life unique. Something nobody else I know has, and that has made my life worth living until now. I will not pretend I am the only person in the world that does this, but everything that has made it mine carries along to the person that I am at this moment. Perhaps some people like to devote their lives to science or whatever it is that makes them happy, but I have devoted mine to dream. Yes, a silly answer to you perhaps. But Iíll bet the few persons out there that do the same thing like me and live the same kind of life will understand the meaning of my words right now. It can be a purpose, a goal, it can even be a life. It is my life.

In the next series of stories that Iíll place here you will discover how it works, why it works and most importantly, that Iím not a loony. You will discover that despites of what you may think of me, it is a way to become something more than you are at this moment in time. Iím afraid I may make it sound like a religion now, but itís nothing of that kind. It is just a way of life, a meaning of life, the life of who I am and who I pretend to be. You will also find out who I am at a daily base, who my friends are and that I can relate to this world of madness that weíre actually living in today on a pretty normal scale. I will let you in on the secrets of my life, and tell you things I have never told someone before. Why? You may ask. Just because I feel like it. Because I want to share my thoughts and feelings to this world and to, perhaps, find some other lonely souls out there that are in a way, like me.
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The meaning of life
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