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 General Forum Rules

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PostSubject: General Forum Rules   General Forum Rules Icon_minitimeMon Jul 30, 2007 7:15 am

General Forum Rules

If you break any of these rules you could face a warning or forum ban, depending on the seriousness of it. Please keep yourself to these rules at all times.

If you noticed someone breaking these rules you can let us know in the forum announcements parts of this site or leave a message for one of our moderators or administrators.

There will be no exceptions on this rules and no discussion when someone breaks them.

1. On topic

Please stay on topic at all times, keep yourself to the subject.

2. capital letters & punctuations

Only use capital letters & punctuations to add something to the message youíre bringing. Donít use it randomly or abundant.

3. Smileys

Smileys can be used to add something to a message. Donít use it randomly.

4. Flames

Flames mean: fighting in a topic, posts to hurt other people or general bashing. This form of lack of respect will not be tolerated anywhere on this forum.

5. Posts

Posts to increase your post count or to break a posting record are not permitted.

6. Links

Links to other websites unless approved by administrators are not tolerated anywhere.

7. PM

Topics and messages meant for only one person are not tolerated. You can use the private messaging or email for such.

8. Private data

It is not allowed to publish any data about other forum members outside yourself on this forum. Private data will mean: last names, addresses, phone numbers etc.

9. Cross posting

It is not allowed to open a topic more than once.

10. Uppen

Topics uppen, or better said to up topics that are dead for a while may not be brought forward again.

11. Proxies

The use of anonymous proxies is not allowed.

12. Plagiarism

Plagiarism, meaning the publishing of other peoples work without mentioning the legitimate writer is not allowed at any time.

13. forum rules

these rules mentioned above will be of application on any forum, unless other rules on the forum will overwrite them. Please keep yourself to these rules at all times.

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General Forum Rules
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